TRIALS vs ENDURO – Tim Coleman & Lachy Andrews

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“We found this cool video and asked the Austrailian filmmakers to tell us a little more about the making of it.  Cam Carter told us, “We’ve been big fans of Tim Coleman for awhile now and were keen to collaborate on a video with him—the stars aligned and the Full Moto team headed off to an amazing boulder-strewn property for a single day shoot. Fellow Aussie trials rider Lachy Andrews jumped onboard and TRIALS Vs ENDURO was born.”

“Both were fantastic riders, we chased them up and down the slopes capturing their awesome talent. The friendly rivalry between Tim and Lachy was pretty amusing and luckily made it to the final edit. Besides a broken clutch lever after a fall from a giant boulder the shoot went incident free—even managed not to crash the drone into anything this time around.”
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